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Product Description

IT is born to make the brain of LEGO ® EV3 much more BETTER, both the hardware and the software.

The EVB which is based on the famous platform of Beaglebone Black to meet your exceptional needs that EV3 can not do. And it will even help you save a lot compared to the EV3, but it is also compatible with all the sensors and motors which EV3 have. You can use EVB every aspect that you do to the EV3, even the LEGO MINDSTORMS software that LEGO supply.

The reason that make it much better is because it contains a powerful processor ARM Cortex‐A8 1GHz compare to an ARM9 300MHz. And it has a 2.2-inch TFT screen with backlight compare to a black-and-white screen. We also produce lots of professional sensors to help EVB discover larger range of physical world, like altitude, moisture and gesture. There is no doubt that all these sensors can be used with the EV3, click here to see more information.

EVB is invented by the source code and schematic that LEGO opens, we will open all the specific information of EVB step by step. We hope you will hack or reinvent the EVB according to our open sources, not just use it as another EV3.

Until now, EVB was successfully backup on the kickstarter.com.

BeagleBone Black is an amazing open source hardware, there are lots of good ideas blossom thanks to it.

Welcome on board.






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  1. 4 out of 5


    I am very impressed with how easy the EVB was to setup. I bought it for the backlit display and external battery pack. It boots so much faster than the EV3!

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